Treepl CMS

Software-as-a-Service for your web project - now with multithreading

Treepl CMS is a latest generation platform for the development and administration of dynamic, content-oriented online projects - from simple web presentations to complex e-commerce sites, dashboards and intranet applications.

Latest technology in Treepl CMS v6

The Treepl developers have packed the latest technologies into version 6: Treepl now natively uses multithreading to render websites and the latest technologies such as PostgreSQL (database), NET5. (programming language) and GraphQL (data query).


Security through SaaS

Treepl is SaaS, or "Software as a Service". This term is used to describe solutions that integrate the most important aspects of a service. In this case, these are the hosting of assets and data for your website, email server, content management, e-commerce, CRM and much more. Also important for security is that Treepl is not an open source application; so the source code is not publicly available. In addition, no plug-ins have to be installed to enable advanced functions. A dedicated development team takes care of regular updates. This makes it very difficult for hackers to compromise Treepl websites.  

High compliance and security in data protection 

Treepl uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing as the basis for this high standard and thus the same secure and powerful infrastructure as Netflix and SAP. In order to meet the high demands of German and European data protection laws, the data of our Treepl projects are located on the AWS server farm in Frankfurt/Main. However, Treepl CMS instances can also be hosted on servers in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australia. Customers with special data security requirements have the option of storing their data on their own servers and connecting it externally to the AWS infrastructure. 


  • Integration of email and email marketing services (OpenSRS, Mailchimp)
  • No design restrictions: from high-quality templates to complete in-house developments
  • Customer-Relationship-Management (CRM)
  • On-site editor - possibility to change content directly in the website layout
  • Modules for blogs, event bookings, appointments, web forms, comments
  • Support for complex content structures with search functions thanks to custom modules
  • Secure areas for users for exclusive and user-generated content with payment option
  • Complete e-commerce functions and API for connecting external applications and IoT devices*.
  • Support for multilingual websites
  • Scalability: tariffs for simple to very complex websites
  • Easy migration from Adobe Business Catalyst
  • Direct access to developers

*IoT: Internet of Things

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