Our mission

Fast like web builders, flexible like custom developers, we build your website for the web of tomorrow.

The challenge

2021. The web has become complicated and difficult to manage. Not only has the internet expanded into many new areas such as mobile devices, voice assistants and even cars, conference rooms and telephone systems via IoT (Internet of Things); the legal framework has also become more complex, regulations must be observed, data protection must be guaranteed. What changes and challenges the future still holds is unclear.

We navigate

Here is the right decision for a technical platform, making the right decisions, organising the right content and creating the desired experience for your users is challenging. But the jungle of laws, hardware, software, connectivity, interfaces, UI and UX is not impenetrable. We navigate you on safe paths and solid ground to your destination. And we have been doing this for our customers for 20 years.

We are agile

Our service is always personal, flexible and comprehensive. And scalable. Start with a simple package for a small website and experience how we adapt your project to a changing environment and increasing requirements. We can expand your simple landing page into a complex B2B marketplace or add an intranet dashboard with API connection and IoT control - on the same platform and adapted to your needs. Always using the latest design frameworks and on the cutting edge of compliance, compatibility and accessibility....

Important: Compliance

Where data, especially personal data, physically resides is an important question today. We work with the leading cloud provider that also supplies corporations like Netflix or SAP: Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use the AWS server park in Frankfurt am Main. This guarantees us legally compliant, fast and always scalable operation of your online presence.

You are in control

However, we understand that some of our customers want to determine the storage location of their data themselves. For example, on their own in-house server. We make this possible too by seamlessly connecting your external data server to your AWS instance with us. This gives you the best of both worlds: maximum physical control over your data and strong cloud computing for a fast and flexible web presence.

At the destination

The online and offline worlds share one claim: whether printed or rendered - content is "king". This is where we come full circle, because our mission is only fulfilled if you don't also have optimal content and the right marketing in addition to a strong design and reliable technology. Editing, content creation, search engine optimisation and marketing - traditional or via influencer - get you over the finish line.

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