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So that your project can grow: Websites powered by cloud computing with a guarantee of sustainability

Content with fine tuning

Text and image for a presence that both people and search engines find good

Strong foundation for complex tasks

Integrated, scalable and secure solutions - for projects without plugin collection and update problems


Customer-specific developments

We design your project with functions and design according to your specifications. CMS, data import and export, interfaces - customise all the details. Worldwide, with server locations in Germany, UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

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Packages for practices and companies

We are specialised in medical practices, medical institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises. CMS, design, content, SEO: choose your package according to the size of your business - with the option of upgrades at any time.

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Our mission

Our ambition is to find the best solution for your project - in the long run. That's why we don't leave you alone once your medium has been launched. And we give a special guarantee on the quality of our work.

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Treepl CMS

Treepl CMS v6 has fired up the turbo

Software-as-a-Service for your web project - now with multithreading.

As one of the leading licensing partners in Germany, we provide with Treepl CMS You can get your project, including the backend, up and running faster than with many website builders and are usually as flexible as with a complete in-house development. Version 6 of Treepl now comes with a completely new foundation - which makes the CMS one of the fastest solutions on the market.

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Almost unlimited possibilities

Our integrated solutions offer almost everything, for example ...


Shops for tangible and intangible products, subscription models, events


B2B applications, social networks, sites with user-generated content

Event booking

Sites for bookings, with quota tickets by code and access control

Intranet & API

Share data and updates with customers and team in protected areas on your site & via API

Native video chat

Bring your customers to your website for a video conversation instead of Zoom, Skype & Co.

Data Visualisation & Maps

Maps and graphs based on CMS data or real-time feeds

Publishing & Marketing

Blogs, online magazines, multimedia stories - supported by the marketing tool of your choice

Multimedia content

Use our customised texts, photos, graphics and videos for your media project

Search engine optimisation

Sustainable positioning of your presence via content, social or Adword marketing

And this is how we do in practice

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Aktuelles von lochmüller.MEDIA mit Blick auf die Medienwelt, Technologie und die Gesellschaft
Treepl CMS: Viele Verbesserungen nach Update auf Version 6.10

Treepl CMS: Viele Verbesserungen nach Update auf Version 6.10 / Technologie,Webdesign

Content Management und Hosting sind zwei Dienstleistungen, bei denen lochmüller.MEDIA seit Jahren mit Treepl CMS arbeitet. Mit Treepl ist die Entwicklung komplexer und individuell zugeschnittener Business-Websites zu vergleichsweise günstigen Preisen möglich. Das ukrainische Entwickler-Team, das mittlerweile dezentral außerhalb der Ukraine arbeitet, hat jetzt Version 6.10 ihrer Software-as-a-Service-Plattform fertiggestellt – mit ...

„EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework“: Mehr Datenschutz für Google-Tools

„EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework“: Mehr Datenschutz für Google-Tools

Seit einigen Jahren war es problematisch, bestimmte digitale Tools, deren Betriebe ihren Sitz und ihre ...

Stripped Down

Stripped Down

Warum Elon Musks radikale Maßnahmen bei Twitter keine Überraschung sind Viele Beobachter schauen erstaunt auf ...

Treepl ist erwachsen geworden

Treepl ist erwachsen geworden

Noch gut neun Monate sind es, bis Adobe seine Business-Catalyst-Server abschaltet. Im kommenden März sind drei ...

SEO, Erweiterung des Teams und Craft Beer im Norden

SEO, Erweiterung des Teams und Craft Beer im Norden

Stellen wir uns vor, dass sie für den Relaunch ihrer Website eine Agentur beauftragt haben. ...

What do our clients say?

Jens Ihle

The regional management has been working intensively and very well with Tilman Lochmüller for several years. We appreciate his professional versatility in the fields of journalism, photography and web design. With the quality of his photos, he excellently documents the quality of our work.

Jens Ihle Regionalmanagement Mittelhessen GmbH