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Corporate publishing, i.e. publishing as a outside the public and specialist media, is a way of communicating media, is a way of communicating with customers and one's own employees and to promote one's own image in the process. The professionalism of form and content determines how well the communication works and how positively publishing affects the image. image.

If you want to get it right, it's best to rely on trained journalists. trained journalists. As a journalist with more than 25 years experience, I am your expert for any kind of content you need to need to achieve your corporate communication goals.

I not only provide you with texts according to journalistic standards and photos, but also the appropriate layout - be it analogue as printed material or digital as ePaper or website. But the weblog is becoming increasingly important.

Defend the authority to interpret your products in the social networks with a corporate blog.

Tilman Lochmüller, Journalist & Founder

More and more companies have recognised that customers like the blog with its with its declared subjective point of view rather than the at least seemingly objective message - on whatever platform. Especially in the case of complex contexts, you also have the opportunity to the possibility of defending the interpretive sovereignty that you would otherwise quickly otherwise quickly slips away in the web of Twitter, Facebook and the like.

Corporate publishing in social media

Publishing via social media is also part of corporate publishing. publishing - both as a supplement to the corporate blog and as an independent platform. as an independent platform. But social channels differ, when it comes to communicating your product narrative. I'll you why.

Social marketing

Social marketing is a method of successfully communicating your product narrative. successfully. It is not only content that counts, but but also their combination with the appropriate campaign. lochmüller.MEDIA organises an ad-hoc team for you, which will tailor the appropriate options. options for this.